Have you said this before?


This is such a common phrase that we use over and over again in everyday life

  • SOME DAY I will eat healthy
  • SOME DAY I will be fit
  • SOME DAY I wont use this chemical
  • SOME DAY I dont need this medication anymore 
  • SOME DAY I will change my habits
  • SOME DAY I will be in charge of my future
  • SOME DAY I start over

And these are just a view some day’s mentioned here. But let me assure you that

YOUR SOME DAY STARTS TODAY and your best is yet to come wile it is my aim to help bring Young Living Essential Oils in every living home possible, and you are one of them so that you can take charge of your life in so many aspects around you and your family plus your some day mentioned above, happens today!

Think about this

  • before Palo Santo (a tree) can be distilled, the tree has to lay on the ground for 2 years so that all of the oil’s constituents (those are the parts and pieces that actually do something) are available.
  • It takes 75 lemons to create one 15-ml bottle of pure therapeutic grade Lemon essential oil.
  • Young Living treks by boat into the Amazon to get the bark from a tree that gives us Copaiba oil (the most amazing overall wellness oil that you will find). I saw a video last year that showed the week-long round-trip adventure. That’s not a cheap trip. So when you see a $43 bottle of Copaiba from Young Living, ask yourself would I go into the Amazon on boat to get the bark to distill, or would I rather have someone experienced in that do it for me? The answer is simple, right?

Young Living has taken the oils and created dietary supplements, natural cleaners, food products, beauty products and more! Young Living has essential oils that are approved for dietary use. And they are the first essential oil company leading the way to having over-the-counter products that are based in essential oils like Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream and Agilease to work with acute inflammatory response in the body.

And if you want to experience the benefits of Young Living, join our team FB Petal Pusher Help Scenter ! We have an awesome group of people, we have our own Facebook page, you will receive all of our training information at no cost, and I’ll make sure that you know how to use these oils for your highest benefit. Win win, right?

Ready to Become Your Best Version

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