For several years, I have been diligently trying to shrink or dissolve a fibroid tumor I have had in my uterus. Somehow it just kept wanting to grow and grow. It got to a point that it was getting dangerously too big and I needed to have it surgically removed.

So just last week, on Feb. 13th 2007 I went into the hospital to have a hysterectomy surgery. As we all know they told me to absolutely have nothing not even water from 12:00 midnight the night before. Well,… I had to follow my wisdom and knowledge and so I did what Gary was doing with the pre-surgery patient’s in Ecuador and took the pain formula 1/2 hour before going to the hospital. Then I took 20 drops of  Helichrysum and 20 drops of Citrus oil in capsules with just a sip of water about 45 minutes prior to going into surgery. We were taught that this would help with any excessive bleeding during surgery along with helping support loss of white blood cells. Well, after all was said and done my doctor said to me, “I do not understand, you hardly bled at all, this is so unusual” It worked!!!

Right when I came out of the recovery room, I had written out instructions for my friends to immediately make me capsules of the pain formula.

• 20 drops Valerian
• 20 drops Vetiver
• 10 drops Helichrysum
• 5 drops Clove
• 5 drops Peppermint
• 10 drops Balsam Fir Idaho

*** I chose to add more Peppermint for its anti-inflammatory properties and chose to add Idaho Balsam Fir because it is so powerful in its effectiveness for pain.

I became the talk of the hospital and was told the doctors and nurses were in “AWE” and “Stunned” as this is “Unheard of” to have a major abdominal surgery without pain meds. I then said what makes you think these oils are not powerful pain blockers?

I never ever took ANY pain meds ONLY our essential oils formula!!! I would take the formula about every 3 hours. I got up and walked within 5 hours after coming out of surgery!

By the 2nd day the head of OBGYN of the hospital came in and had to ask me to stop using my oils as many of the staff members were having bad reactions. We all knew they were detoxing but of course they blamed the oils. She apologized profusely and I said its fine don’t worry I am going home the next day and I will use them then. I continued of course to take my pain formula internally. Then she said to me “clearly there is really something to these oils and clearly there is a gap between western and alternative health care and clearly this is awareness and education. So we would like you to come teach some of the nurses and staff about these oils!!!! How about that?…. WE LOVE THIS! I of course said YES!!!

I shared with her that before 80 or so years ago there was no such thing as pharmaceutical medicine and that the only medicine ever used for thousands of years were oils and herbs. I said now if that’s not a testimony to their effectiveness I don’t know what is. It made her start to think. This is really really a great thing to share with people that makes them realize something more about oils.

So now I am home just resting and healing and using heaps of oils for my scar removal. I am using the following oils because these completely took away another big scar I had many years ago.

•  Frankincense
•  Helichrysum
•  Lavender
•  Hyssop
•  Gentle Baby
•  Melrose

I am putting 45,000 IU Vitamin E oil over my last essential oil application at night before bed as well. I will let the tissue heal a bit longer and then start to add Sulfurzyme to help with the scar. But I think I need to wait a bit to let the tissue start to adhere.

I am still using the internal pain formula when I need to and definitely feel a big difference when i don’t take it. Soon i will not need to anymore. I am a walking “American” testimonial that this essential oils pain formula REALLY WORKS! I want to give VERY special thanks to all of my dear sweet sisters who have so graciously given of their time and love to offer support for helping to care for me during this time and feeding me oil capsule after oil capsule!!

With deep gratitude,
Julie Chertow

P.S. Since I wrote my testimonial I now have 9 other people both clients and friends who have used this very pain formula without using any pharmaceutical pain meds and had 100% pain control!! Some had hip surgeries, other hysterectomies etc.. IT WORKS!!!