My name is Beate Probst and this is my great support and loving husband Daniel. I immigrated to Canada in 1987, wow 30 years. Growing up in Germany is always something I think about because trying to live a healthy life is relatively easy there with many resources and options and of course the history that comes along with that. I remember my mom saying “that’s garbage and not good for you” So I was thriving to live a healthy lifestyle here in Canada as well and passionately tried to pass it on to my three grown sons. It was hard to come to terms to be so far away from my family and not able to just quickly see them when I felt the need for comfort or advice and nevertheless technology was not advanced like today, phone calls were extremely expensive for oversees and the internet hasn’t kicked in yet at that point. Also for my sons to be distended from their relatives and roots of their parents (and I still struggle with that) So I felt sad and alone many times over. I learned to deal and cope with those feelings and life got busy with my own family, business and making new friends plus a new life that included my loving husband Daniel  but not so fast, let me tell you first what my challenge were.

My Challenge

In a way being an immigrant has thought me many ways of being open minded and adaptable, learning a new culture and trying not to loose yourself with in it was a challenge. Then my world broke down when my then husband decided to leave me for another (much younger) woman after 20 years building a life, business and family with him. No chance to go back to my roots with three beautiful boys old enough not to take them away from the only surrounding they have ever known. 

I went through so many different ways of being open about alternative health and so many varieties of supplements that come along with it to stabilize my emotional well being but never felt passionate or strong enough about one particular brand or line of product, so I just kept trying and experimenting and thought “dont give up”

The Turnaround 

After getting remarried to my amazing husband Daniel  and putting peaces back together I opened my business doing skin care treatments and a good friend of mine Erin Poirier who I thank so veru much for introducing me to YL EO’s,  thought that it would be a good idea to introduce the skin care product to my clients and use them in my clinic. I made my own products and learned that the Essential Oils would be a great addition. I purchased my first Premium Starter Kit and was ecstatic about them and the emotional effect some of those oils had on me were calmness, peace, letting go of certain feelings. I quickly learned that it helped me not only emotional but physically as well, it took no time at all to share the with my clients, the powerful effect these precious oils had on me.

And Then

I started to introduce friends, family and clients and that meant I made a little bit of money, I thought wow $50 in my account from Young Living, that is a lot for just talking about it and helping others to order their products, within a view month it slowly grew and honestly never thought that this could go somewhere financially where I could actually make a living with it. Why Young Living

I have quickly learned that Young Living Essential Oils are the best quality on the market, yes they are a bit more expensive then the store bought version  but you make up for it as in the quality, the quantity and the absolute guarantee that you are using the best EO on the planet for your Personal Care your Home  your Wellness and also your Natural Health  with your loved ones and anyone else that comes in contact with them,  believe me I did my research. 

I am now at the rank of Senior Star/Executive and my income varies from $200 to $500 per month and I am ready to take it up a notch so my next goal is to reach a consistent Silver rank with an income of app $ 2500 per month just by sharing my experience with these wonderful oils that have helped me in so many ways.

Some of my favorite’s

“Stress Away”for the quality of my sleep or “Peace and Calming” to ground me back to reality that live is not that bad away from my family, or my super food Liquid nutrition on the go  as well as in my fitness journey where it helps with my recovery of soar muscles and aces and pains with joints, like the supplement Agilease or the topical ointment Cool Azul Sports Gel which I also use on my clients for soar muscle and neck issues. And then my all natural air conditioner the beloved Peppermint EO which helps me so much with my hot flashes use it topically or try a couple of drops in some ice cold water, you will cool down instantly.


This is It

My goal is to use my income for a part of  my live that I am passionate about, like volunteering my time to speak to people about how they can have a happier future for themselves and their loved ones.  Maybe your goal with an income like that would be making your car payments or paying your mortgage, how about paying off your credit card or line of credit, using it for home renovations, holidays or just saving it. There are so many possibility with a residual income which by nature continue’s to grow after the initial effort has been expended and that is exactly what happens with Young Living. You might ask “can I do this?” Absolutely it all starts with your initial Premium Starter Kit and I am with you all the way, so work with me  and I will help you start your journey that will change it all, I will help you with passion and conviction that this is the best decision you have made for you and your family. 


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Contact Me

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