4 Facts About Losing Weight You May Have Missed (Part 1 of 4)

Today we are going to talk about 4 facts about losing weight that your health coach wishes you knew. First of all, I know that the majority of women always have this thought bubble:

How do I lose weight without sacrificing my health?

Maybe you have tried them all. And maybe there were times that they seemed effective, and there were moments that showed otherwise. I very well can relate because I have been there. Well, it is never too late to learn what these things you have missed are, I promise!

 facts about losing weight


1: Even nutritious food can make you gain weight!

Healthy food could be the cause of your weight gain - facts about losing weight

You started to love this particular food. Be cautious though. Because it is healthy, it does not mean you can eat as much as you can. Cheese, nuts, and other choices are also high in calories. Certainly, you have to learn how you can control your intake so nutritious foods do not become a liability to your goal of losing weight.

2: Reaching your goal weight is not the end!

Remember that losing weight will not solve your underlying problems.
View of a woman carrying a surfboard.

Remember that losing weight will not solve your underlying problems. Likewise, keep in mind that your end goal is to be happy in your skin and healthy in your body. This is the time to think about the heavier lifting, emotionally speaking. Hence, why not try to engage in activities that will allow you to enhance your life. The outcome is, you get results that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

3: You have to exercise too!

A healthy body should also include exercise to effectively lose weight

Obviously, as we age, our body becomes more susceptible to fatigue, burnout or other health issues. Nevertheless, don’t opt out of exercise while trying to lose weight. A healthy body should also include exercise. When you combine nutritious food with exercise, you help maintain your bone and cardiovascular health. Bones help protect our vital organs, and the heart supplies the oxygen and nutrients that we need. Furthermore, our heart removes carbon dioxide and other wastes from our body. Need I say more of the importance of taking care of them?

4: Sleep is the missing link in weight loss!

Sleep is needed to lose weight

Sleep affects the body’s energy usage rate and hormone release. In fact, do you know that sleep deprivation may decrease the level of the hormone leptin, which defines the level of energy in our body? Similarly, it also increases the level of gherlin, known for stimulating our appetite. Now, the last thing we want to happen is to entertain our impulsive tendency to eat because we are hungry.

If you’re ready to have CLARITY on what might be holding you back from losing weight, I am more than willing to guide you through the process. There is more in my Facebook group at Fire Up Academy for Women. We encourage, uplift one another, and provide helpful tips for our journey together. We would be very happy to have you over there!
Fire Up Academy for Women

Thank you very much for staying. If you have any questions, freely ask in the comment section. See you next time! Until then, stay healthy and age gracefully!

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Dirty Facts About Clean Food: A Healthier Look

How is your week so far? I hope you will learn something new and healthy today! After all, we all share something in common: our love for food! In fact, if you heard of a “clean eater,” chances are you might probably be aware of the benefits the practice brings. In contrast, I would like to bring out the top 3 dirty facts about clean food that one of us probably thought of at some point in our daily routine.

We are all fond of many things. We want to have the best, because we believe it brings out the best of all worlds. For example, we always want to use good quality fuel because it runs smoothly. Consequently, when our engine runs smoothly, there would be less distractions and more enjoyment whenever we travel. So let us think about our body and how the fuel that we use affects its efficiency.

Therefore, let us ponder this question:

Do clean eaters care more about their health?

Clean eating – or eating clean – seems to be gaining popularity. You can find references to this trend in the Internet, the grocery stores or supermarkets, and even on your gadgets. What does this mean? Is this just another fad that is bound to lose its appeal?

I admire women who strive to live the best life that they can and embrace a healthy aging process. I am going to share with you how clean foods and “not-so-clean” foods affect your lifestyle and how eventually, they can influence your eating practices.


obsession top 3 dirty facts about clean food

First of all, you probably know by know that obsession may lead to physical or mental punishment. When you eat something that you feel is unclean, it feels different. It may also lead to isolation, because you feel the criticism of others. Hence, the insecurity that you are not eating the same way like they do.


additive phobia dirty facts about clean food

This happens when you refuse to eat any kind of food that contains additives. Consequently, you believe that it is not in its purest state. Certainly, not all additives spell U N H E A L T H Y. For example, adding Vitamin D drops to your milk or juice can increase your bone health. In addition, including protein in your diet can increase your required protein intake for the day.


bad name healthy eating


A so-called clean diet is not the same as a healthy diet. In fact, many recommendations for a healthy diet do not limit prepacked or prepackaged goods. So, one of the other is not bad. Most noteworthy thing to remember is we do not feel guilty if we have “occasional” food that does not fall into a certain category.

Clean eating does not have to be a struggle. Furthermore, it does not have to bring out the worst in your opinion of food. You can opt to discover various ways to prepare your food, so it become more nutritious. The Internet is home to the many alternatives you can do to even increase its flavor without sacrificing its nutritional content. Remember that food makes us happy, but it needs to be healthy happiness. And what better way to start a healthy happiness but to make sure you do not dread your eating time because you do not like the food on your table. Above all, we do not want to put any unhealthy labels on food. As we have mentioned, they can be a source of happiness.

I hope I was able to help you distinguish between dirty and healthy foods. There is more in my Facebook group at Fire Up Academy for Women. We encourage, uplift one another, and provide helpful tips for our journey together. We would be very happy to have you over there!
Fire Up Academy for Women

Thank you very much for staying. If you have any questions, freely ask in the comment section. See you next time! Until then, stay healthy!

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The No. 1 Food That Is Making You Age Faster

Hello there beate-blog-post! Welcome back to my blog. Today we will talk about the No. 1 food that can make you age faster. Can you guess what that is?

Processed Foods!!!

number one food age faster

If that is what you had in mind, you guessed right. Certainly, processed meals can make you age well over your actual years. But why consider processed meals as the No. 1 food that can make you age faster? Also, what harm could they possibly cause?


no. 1 food age faster sodium

First of all, the daily recommended amount of sodium for an adult woman is 1,500 mg per day, and no more than 2,300 mg daily. But in most cases, the amount they put in our processed foods is higher than the recommended daily dosage. Consequently, this is very dangerous to the body. Because it can greatly increase blood pressure which can lead to heart and kidney diseases.


foods that age you faster fiber

Fiber is important for nutrient absorption, sugar level control, bowel health and lowering of blood cholesterol. It also helps with weight maintenance by making us full and satisfied. Therefore, intense processing of food strips most of the fiber away. As a result, it can cause increased risk for heart and bowel diseases as well as undesired weight gain.


no. 1 food that age you faster processed foods

Ever wondered why you just can’t help but cheat even when on a diet? It gets so hard. Whenever you eat these foods, the reward and pleasure center of the brain is stimulated. Because whatever gives you pleasure, you want more of, right? That is the Dopamine effect doing its job. Unfortunately, food addiction stimulates the same part of the brain as drug addiction, so you end up craving what is unhealthy even more.


Highly processed foods also contain free radicals. What a great way to age quickly, right in our foods!! These are unstable atoms that roam around freely and attack our cells. Some go as far as attacking our DNA, hence, causing damages that lead to a wide range of problems, including cancer.


1. pink himalayan saltREDUCE TABLE SALT IN YOUR FOOD.

If possible, eliminate it altogether. You can substitute salt with the Pink Himalayan Salt, which still has the salt taste, but is more gentle and milder. It also has an aesthetic appeal when added to food.


This will curb your desire to reach out for the next available snack or fast food when you get hungry. Because it keeps you accountable about what you are eating. Keeping them delicious is key 😀 :D. (Yup! Healthy food can be delicious too!) Hence, you don’t end up craving for McDonald’s again!!


Always ask, am I eating for the right reason? Will this food fuel my body? What effect does it have for my longevity? This also helps break the habit of eating mindlessly.

These are just a few of my tips. There is more in my Facebook group at Fire Up Academy for Women. We encourage, uplift one another, and provide helpful tips for our journey together. We would be very happy to have you over there!
Fire Up Academy for Women

Thank you very much for staying. If you have any questions, freely ask in the comment section. See you next time! Until then, stay healthy! beate-blog-post

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Too Much Cardio: Your Weight Loss Roadblock

Did you know that cardio could be your weight loss roadblock if you are not careful? Moreover, if you go to the gym frequently, you’ve probably seen a woman (always the same woman) glued to a treadmill whenever you see her. Maybe sometimes she switches it up with an elliptical. Either way, you’ve never seen her in with a dumbbell in hand.

Not sure who I’m talking about? Maybe you’re that woman. If so, your workout routine may actually be impeding your weight loss- or worse, contributing to your weight gain.


I like to call these women “cardio hoppers.” Cardio hopping is jumping from one cardio machine to another, and avoiding the weight room at all costs. Many women do so hoping to lose extra fat and weight. Little do they know, this strict high-cardio lifestyle may actually be keeping them fat, or in some cases, making them fatter.

When you’re not taking care of your body, you’re accelerating your biological aging clock. I specialize in taking advantage of biological aging to look and feel younger. I can attest that if you neglect your body, you will look and feel much older than you are. In contrast, the good news is that if you know how to exercise properly, you can use your biological clock to “cheat” your chronological age. It’s not witchcraft or folklore- just let me explain!


too much cardio weight loss

Why did I say that cardio may be that weight loss roadblock you were not aware of? Engaging in heavy cardio causes stress to your body because you’re exerting it. This is fine, until you go beyond your limits and enter survival mode. For example, if you’re not eating enough and you’re exclusively doing heavy cardio, your body will purposely cling to fat to protect itself. This is the opposite of what cardio hoppers are trying to achieve, yet it’s what so many struggle with!


too much cardio weight loss hunger

Naturally, too much cardio also makes you hungrier. People doing excessive cardio sessions eat an average of 100 calories more than what they exert during the session. This is a recipe for weight gain, as more calories = more weight; unless it is balanced with exercise. You want to be operating at a caloric deficit to lose weight, but often, cardio hoppers don’t realize that they are eating a caloric surplus. I know many of us, myself included, like to think “I earned this treat!” after a cardio session, but this practice will result to weight gain when done improperly.


too much cardio burns muscles

Lastly, perhaps most important of all, when your body is over-exerted during heavy cardio, it may turn to muscle as a source of energy. You are literally burning your muscles away while the fat sticks around- and no one wants that! Muscles are essential to looking and feeling young, so they are incredibly important to be maintained and strengthened. Not a fan of arm fat? Neither am I. That’s why do bicep curls and other arm exercises in addition to cardio. It truly makes a difference.

There’s more!

To crush your fitness goals and age better, be sure to combine strength training with your cardio. This can stave off starvation mode so that you don’t overeat (and gain weight) or use muscle for fuel while letting fat stick around. It is possible to become more toned and shed stubborn weight both at the same time.

Finally, after doing a properly structured workout, be sure to take advantage of the afterburn up to 48 hours after a workout. You can burn calories at an increased rate and increase your metabolism. If done right, you can experience these effects with as little as 30 minutes of activity a day.

So, cardio hoppers, I commend you for your good intentions and dedication to weight loss; however, you are likely getting in your own way. Start integrating strength training into your routine so that you can start to really crush your fitness goals. And if you still feel stuck… I can help! I motivate women all around the world to improve their lifestyles and age better. If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join the tribe:
Fire Up Academy for Women

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Major Changes in Your Life and How to Deal with Them

Undoubtedly, many of us have probably experienced major life changes. Similarly, for me, it’s my second move within 12-month. And I have to admit, it feel’s like losing control of what seems important to me.

major changes life

Besides, it may be a different feeling for you, depending which major life changes impact you right now. Maybe a loved one is sick, or even passed away. Or you and your spouse are separated. Moreover, what about your children going to college and you find yourself empty nesting.

All these situations can be very stressful. Without a doubt, they can derail our motives and eventually, our attention toward our health and wellness goals. In fact, the stress caused by those life changes may have a big impact on your biological age. I’m going to share with you three self-tested methods you can use when dealing with major life changes. Clearly, these tips can help you refocus, so you can keep moving forward in spite of the stress caused by these sudden changes.


1. Hit that pause button.

pause button health major change life

Why hit that pause button with a situation that needs your attention? It lovingly forces you to STOP and take a step back to look at it from a distance, so to speak. Similarly, after a good cry, your emotions will allow you to dive a little deeper in thoughts which will help you accept the fact and come to terms with that change. Sometimes changes happen, and either planned or not, they could be happy or sad. Unquestionably, it’s very difficult to make healthy food choices during an emotional time like that.

2. Reach out.

In addition, reaching out to a trusted friend, a family member or even your health coach could lessen the lost feeling and bring you back to other possibilities of recovery. It could also give you the support you need during that time. The last thing you want is finding yourself going back to old habits, or to your old lifestyle. Clearly, this is a vulnerable time and reaching out could be your lifeline to stay on track.

Quite easy to remember, right? Press the PAUSE button. Reach out. Finally…

3. Check in.

community women health
Have your own support group.

So, checking in means being with a community or part of a community that understands what you are really going through. First and foremost, checking in is a forward motion that helps you to “snap yourself” out of that situation, that emotional state of mind. In addition, a like minded community can have a more objective view of the situation, and can provide the much-needed support, and most of all the “understanding” you definitely need. Yes, a supportive community where you can just freely talk about how you feel and how this life-changing situation is affecting you. Besides, knowing that others go through similar challenges without judgment of being broken will enforce your determination to stay on track with your health goals.

What’s next for you?

We always want to have a goal, whether it is starting to live a healthier life or continuing to live a healthy life. But sudden interruptions will continually creep into your life. Nevertheless, by hitting the pause button, you can step back, acknowledge the feelings and simply stop for a moment. Consequently, reaching out will help you outsource the confusion in your mind. And finally, by checking in, you are able to give up control of your out-of-control emotions.

Don’t let that major change throw yo off your nutrition and fitness goals. If you know of any women in your life undergoing or have undergone major life changes, then invite them and or just simply request to join my Facebook group, and live to tell how you can turn that change into a positive experience!

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Four Success Engines for a Healthier You!

Has a tiny mistake ever thrown off your progress? As a matter of fact, it did for me! You go to sleep at a decent time, determined to take a rest. Then you wake up to go to the bathroom and you do this one thing that will mess up your plan of a good night sleep. This is why I am looking forward to sharing with you my four success engines. Before that, let me continue with my story.

I thought I had it all figured out when I went to bed the other evening. I needed to upload something and because of the slow Internet speed, I thought I’d do it overnight. Smart, right? Of course, I went to bed thinking “no big deal, I can check in the morning.”

Yes sure, after coming out of the bathroom at about 4 am, I mindlessly went into the room where I put my computer to check the upload progress. The bright blue light of the computer HIT me like an explosion – which lasted for just about 5 seconds.

Self-Realization Happens When You Least Expect It

All things considered, I realized that I completely MESSED UP MY SLEEP PROGRESS within seconds.

That bright light was there in front of me for the rest of the night which was the end of my intention to have a good night rest. All I felt was “disappointment in myself,” for not following my initial plan to continue it in the morning.

Women momentum
Don’t break your momentum.

This instant disruption of PROGRESS can happen in EVERY area of your life. Especially when it comes to your health goals. You don’t want stress to contribute to your age, do you? It can also be so discouraging that you actually find yourself giving up.

Changing Momentum

To say nothing but feeling bummed about that incident, I went back to bed feeling frustrated about the delay in progress and thinking why I did what I just did. I could have just stuck to my plan, but forgot about it in just a few seconds. Then I took one small step. I started to take several deep breaths. You know the kind that goes from the belly, from the core up to the chest? Very slowly, I exhaled, making sure that there was nothing left to breathe out. Let me guide you through the success engines you need to avoid what I have just experienced.


1. Forward Momentum

By just doing that one small step, I created the first engine called forward momentum. Then once in motion, there is a powerful law that takes in effect. That momentum created an interruption in behavior, almost like snapping me out of it, and this applies to all of us, really. In any given moment, our default behavior is influenced by our pre-existing habits. By this small step of consciously breathing, we’ve interrupted our existing habits.

2. Increased Motivation

The second engine is increased motivation, and I’m sure we all have experienced this. Changing direction takes extra energy compared to continuing, which is a very powerful incentive and motivator to continue what we’re doing, whether it’s ideal or not. However, let’s remember, by taking one small step, that momentum creates the energy. Therefore, it carries us forward without thought. Consequently, that increased motivation that we created through that forward motion helps us to want to continue toward that new and improved behavior.

You’re Halfway There!

forward motion success engine

3. Chance for Engagement

The third success engine is a chance for engagement. Generally speaking, you can only engage with an action once you start it. Therefore, engagement is how I, for example, began with sessions of just body movement for five minutes, and ended up with a full-blown 30-minute session of exercise. Or how the three minutes of breathing in my sleepless night episode actually helped me as well to create that forward moment and increased motivation and not let the situation affect me. Very, very powerful.

Improved mood women success engine

4. Improved Mood

Finally, the fourth success engine is improved mood. Now, once you begin an activity, your general feelings will no doubt change. For example, if it’s something you don’t think you should do, like let’s say eating or drinking your emotions with unhealthy choices, you might feel shame. On the other hand, if it’s something positive, your mood will improve immediately. They are both equally important. And we like doing the right things, right? It just feels good.

How powerful are these success engines?

These success engines can truly create a massive shift in your daily and long-term results. You don’t have to lose those 20 pounds in a day, learn how to do a regular push-up in an hour, or learn to eat the best foods for your body overnight. Consequently, leaning toward the right behaviors will help you achieve way more than you ever expected.

Interested in further reversing your biological age? Subscribe to my YouTube channel and live to tell what happens!

If you know of any women in your life ready to get fired up, then take her name or just simply request to join my Facebook group, where we fire each other up, and where we try to live the best life possible.

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Macronutrients: Your Secret to Eating to a Younger You

Macronutrients, anyone? In this week’s video, I will show you a 3️⃣0️⃣-second thought process for each meal that will instantly “nourish” yourself younger and my so called “Complete in 3” that could definitely amaze you with positive results.

Have you ever tried a special blend of facial cream you saw in an advertisement after it promised to get rid of your wrinkles or puffy eyes? A moment later, you find out that the only thing it got rid of was your money.
Shortly after, you tell yourself:

I got sucked in again.

Yes, I get it. I’ve been there. Because we are so intent on seeing a better version of ourselves, we make mistakes. Likewise for a lot of people. For this reason, I’ve learned how to stay younger and reverse my age with much better smelling and delicious FOOD.

Once I started to eat a flexible diet that included “macronutrients,” I quickly realized how my youthful energy came back faster than I thought. Finally, this is exactly what I needed.

“Complete in 3” is the secret to having the youthful, vigorous energy that you need. We are not getting any older, and the last thing that we want to lose is our energy – not to count the happiness it brings to our lives. For less than 30 seconds, you can come up with a meal that is packed with the macronutrients your body needs.

What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients are types of food in our diet that need to be taken in large amounts for our bodies to function well. In fact, they can be found in almost all the food that we take even with just a snack or a glass of smoothies. Our body’s needs are very complex, hence the need to take care of it, always. We all know that our bodies cannot function well without drinking enough water. Similarly, this could also be true when you lack macronutrients on your diet.

What are the most common types of macronutrients?

1. Protein

Protein is for regeneration and repair. Our organs, muscles and living cells require a large amount of protein to repair and build. Furthermore, this type of macronutrient is important to repair muscle tissues and body cells that were worn out after exercise or other heavy body movements. Similarly, poultry and fish are both good sources of protein and when combined with vegetables and fruits that are protein rich as well, our body will definitely have a complete supply of macronutrients. You can either use a plant- or animal-based protein.


Fruits and vegetables that contain protein:






How do you infuse protein into your diet?

Add protein powder into your breakfast smoothies.

Sprinkle hemp hearts on top of your salads.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a bone broth in your veggie soup.

2. Healthy Fats

Scared of fats? Don’t be. In fact, there are many sources of healthy fats that can be added to your diet. This type of macronutrient plays an important role in the human brain development, cell functioning, your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and for the protection of your organs. Equally important to mention are some good sources of healthy fats: hemp seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil. Personally, I use coconut oil for that healthy fat that I need.

Easier said than done.

That is always what we think about when faced with a rather difficult task. If you are very keen at keeping not only your body healthy but your whole disposition as well, then you need some tips to achieve a younger, healthier version of you.

First of all, replace any unhealthy fat with healthy fats. One best example is using olive oil instead of butter or lard. Second, eat snacks that are full of macronutrients and give up salty chips. Finally, opt for fruits and vegetables like baby carrots, a slice of avocado or crackers dipped in peanut butter.

3. Low Glycemic Carbohydrates

If you are aiming to lose weight, why not choose a diet that is low in glycemic carbs? In fact, low glycemic carbs are also considered to be the best choice in the prevention of heart diseases and lowering of sugar levels. Choose some strawberries for your smoothies or enjoy the benefits of avocado. These work together with other macronutrients.


Some good sources of low glycemic carbs are:


Sweet Potatoes/Yam

Whole Wheat Bread



Why are macronutrients very important to our bodies?

Our bodies need constant nourishing and one way to achieve this is to feed your body with macronutrients that energize and revitalize your energy. Consequently, macronutirents make us feel good and healthy. Eventually, if you have a better understanding of what every macronutrient provides to your body, this will definitely keep you vibrant, feel youthful and look younger.

And now that you’ve learned a bit of macronutrients and their main functions on human body, try implementing them into your diet to achieve a healthier and younger you. Just remember the “Complete in 3” rule every time you have a meal and you won’t get lost. Follow me on Facebook to learn more!

Follow me on Facebook to learn more!

Click on the link below to discover how young you really are by taking this quick 4-minute assessment!

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How Fast Does Stress Age You?

Top 6 Things Affected by Stress That May Cause You to Age Fast!

You wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and ask yourself: “Why do my eyes look so tired? Have I put on weight? Am I getting dark circles around my eyes? Do I look older than I really am?”
I am sure you can relate to these thoughts; and at some point (more than once) you all have battled to answer these questions. But one question still remains, “How fast does stress age you”?

“My mom would tell me to count the days once I’m 50. Often I try to picture her at the age that I’m now. We didn’t use the word stress 40 years ago and it’s not a word I grew up with butI watched her literally age away, it became clearer to me what the problem really was.”

Now, just because you have to get older, no one said you had to do it quickly. And no one said you couldn’t age well and keep your youthful good looks, all because of your energy and health, right?

Many of us make the assumption that getting old has to automatically mean getting covered in wrinkles, losing our ability to walk around and eventually developing incontinence and dementia. As it happens though, none of these things are inevitable and most of them are only partially related to age!

Just look around!

While some people seem to be struggling to stand up straight and remember their name at 65, completely loosing control over how fast they are aging: others are still playing sports and writing books those who are well into their 80s and 90s.

Is the difference entirely genetic?

Not at all! In fact, there are numerous lifestyle changes that can make all the difference to the way you feel and how fast you age. And many of the problems like stress, which is highly associated with old-age, can be avoided entirely.

So yeah, aging is still inevitable. But the way you age is almost entirely up to you!

“Maybe you can relate, as my mom would rely on products or gadgets in the hope it would slow down her aging process. I watched her being disappointed each and every time when the results didn’t meet her expectations.”

I knew you were ready for some good news!

The difference comes down to how you apply what you already know and what you are learning. You can make the most out of your own body and health. There is no question; stress is real and has a huge impact on how fast you age.

YOU have the choice and the sooner you take action, the more effectively you can shave off the most unappealing aspects of getting older prematurely, reduce stress and put a stop to aging prematurely.

But how do you control stress & age?

Anyone can claim that aging is something you have control over. The hard part is backing that claim up with some hard evidence.

How can you really slow down your aging? And how can your decisions end up putting your body in ‘fast forward’ mode?

Let’s talk about the six things that are highly affected by stress and can make you age fast!

1. How Stress Affects Your Mobility

Most of the changes you see in your body are a result of being constantly stressed and constantly static.

After the age of 35, we begin to lose bone density gradually. This is a completely normal process and happens to all of u; although the rate of losing bone density can occur much faster in some people than in others. 
When it comes to your joints, stress causes your bones to release the minerals they need for bone formation into the bloodstream for the benefit of other tissues. 
Unfortunately, if you experience ongoing stress, your bones are continuously deprived of minerals, which can result in bone loss.

Bottom line? Stress causes us to waste our calcium and magnesium like crazy! And if you don’t use your back long enough, it’s sure to go when you try and lift that suitcase! A sure recipe for aging fast!

Make sure to check out my webinar on the 3 Body Movement Habits You Dont Know You Are Doing That Are Aging You Fast!

2. How Stress Affects Your Metabolism

Do you feel like you’re prone to putting on more weight when you’re stressed, even if you’re eating the same amount of food as you always have? Too much of the stress hormone called cortisol can impact your metabolism, causing more weight gain than you would normally experience.

I get it, some of us reach for comfort food when we’re stressed and others don’t eat at all and both are contributing to a stressed metabolism contributing to your “age moving fast forward.”
Regular exercise can help improve your physiological toughness when facing stress. It can also lead to beneficial shift in the stress response system that improves how your body reacts to future physiological stress, which may result in the body being more efficient at coping with oncoming stress.

Here is a great article on the best workout for older adults: https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/what-is-the-best-workout-for-people-over-60.html

3. How Stress Affects Your Energy

Stress is an energy killer and no doubt; to some degree, the tiredness and sluggishness that we feel as we get older can’t be avoided. But honestly, I never knew the reasons why stress wrecks our energy and the crippling affect it has on how fast we age.

Aside from health reasons like side affects of medications or diseases, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have all the energy you need to go out for a walk, cook a healthy meal or play with your grand children.

“My mom and I used to take long and pleasant walks, and I noticed how gradually less time we were able to start with our walks before she would run out of steam”.

Even if slowing down as you age is normal, there is no golden rule that you can only have so much energy when you are on a certain age. It doesn’t have to affect how you feel with the energy that you have. Getting a good night’s rest is critical in maintaining a healthy energy level during the day; however, napping can prevent you from feeling tired at night.

Your body produces most of your energy hormones when you’re asleep. Going to bed at the same time every night and following a nightly routine has proven to help increase sleep quality and quantity which in turn will help deal with stress and therefore control how fast you age!

Also a healthy appreciation for life is crucial for keeping your stress under control and your energy high.

4. How Stress Affects Your Nutrition

Nutrition is also responsible for a large proportion of the problems you’ll struggle with as you age. Stress can decrease nutrient absorption and increase nutrient excretion. This does affect how the body uses the nutrients, as well as increase nutrient requirements.

“Once in a while my mom would try different spices, or other healthy foods that she didn’t grow up with. She would see it in a commercial or read an article about it. It always seemed to me she expected an over night miracle which of course didn’t happen”.

Contrary to popular belief, many of the health issues are associated with how stress speeds up age. This snowball affect results from years of poor nutrition.

A lack of nutrients can lead to problems with vision. Problems with hormone production, issues with bone density and much more. Surely by eating real and simple food, you can stave off numerous conditions, stay healthier and stronger, and preventing your self from aging to fast. In this way, you can maintaining full control over how stress impacts your nutrition and how fast you age.

5. How Stress Affects Your Cells

Do you know the feeling when your heart speeds up, Your muscles tense? Your face may even blush. So these are just a few of the various ways you feel your body respond to stress. But stress can also seep into your cells. Rising temperatures, toxins, infections, resource shortages and other stressors threaten how cells function — and ultimately your health.

Temperature increases can stress out cells and age you fast!

Warm them just 3 or 4 degrees, and their proteins begin to unravel and stop functioning. If they unravel too much, they tangle up with each other and form a clump that can kill the cells

We’re getting a little sciencey so bear with me. Every cell in your body has its own Doomsday Clock, ticking down to the number of times it can safely divide. This clock takes the form of a cap — called a telomere — on the ends of each chromosome. Like the plastic aglets which is the
metal or plastic tube fixed tightly around each end of a shoelace; telomeres keep the chromosome from eroding. But telomeres get shorter every time the cell divides.

Shortened telomeres have been linked to age-related diseases, such as arthritis, hypertension, stroke and diabetes, and as well as to a much faster aging process. Research also suggests that stress — both psychological and cellular — can dramatically shorten telomere length, causing cells to age fast and die prematurely.

6. How Stress Affects Your Heart

Here comes the magic bullet. The way you handle stress matter the most.
If you respond to it in unhealthy ways — such as smoking, overeating, or not exercising — that makes matters worse. On the other hand, if you exercise, connect with people, and find meaning despite the stress, that makes a difference in your emotions, in your body, and most of all, in how fast you age.

“It was a big eye opener when the doctor discovered that my mom needed a quadruple bypass. So during a car accident on the Autobahn, she rolled her car and crashed into the side plank. She climbed out of her car, not realizing that her blocked arteries are her silent killer, and the accident a life saver”.

The point is, you do have control over how fast you age. If you take the right precautions, then you can stay healthy and mobile well into your 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s, preventing the speed of your aging!

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